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Peasant Costumes: Insights into Rural Life and Society


ISBN                   978-99957-0-262-5

Dimensions        29.7 x 21 cm

Inside Pages      coated paper, full colour

No of Pages        112

Cover                  paperback, perfect

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Category:  Exhibition Catalogues
  • An exhibition catalogue accompanying an exhibition with the same title organized with the Ministry of Gozo held at the Ministry in 2012. As the title indicates, it illustrates the local daily life as displayed through the different costumes, but interpreted under the ethnographic and historical contexts, which also reflects the society that produced them. From the over 1000 Heritage Malta textile collection, the focus is on the peasant costumes colourfully illustrated with a relevant selection of the traditional implements used for spinning, weaving and dying, engravings, lithographs, watercolours and oil paintings complementing the insight into rural life and society. It showcases the ongoing work towards a better appreciation and preservation of out textile collection and its ongoing study from a conservational, artistic and historical perspective.
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