Publishing and Didactic Resources

Publishing and Didactic Resources

Heritage Malta’s publishing arm made its first formal appearance in the agency’s organisational structure in November 2017. It has, nonetheless, been active for much longer. The first decisive steps were taken in 2011 by the curatorial team at the Inquisitor’s Palace. By 2014 it had become an integral part of the Head Curatorial Office, and has since grown into a fully-fledged publishing house producing a wide-ranging array of titles.

In November 2018, Heritage Malta Publishing was also entrusted with the crafting of didactic resources for educators, students and the general public. Furthermore, it came to play a leading role in the development and production of high-quality printed merchandise inspired by the extensive and versatile heritage assets under the agency’s care. The latter are deemed an integral part of the visitor experience on offer.

Heritage Malta Publishing aims at (1) fostering knowledge about Malta’s outstanding heritage resources; (2) furthering accessibility to quality Melitensia; (3) providing a platform for dissemination of research by practitioners in the field; (4) enhancing the agency’s corporate image; (5) promoting cultural diplomacy; and (6) supporting the Agency’s endeavours to sustain its operations.

The titles produced cater for various audiences, ranging from school pupils to keen connoisseurs. They include exhibition catalogues, booklets and brochures, collected papers, conference proceedings, monographs, reading and activity books, project books, the agency’s bi-annual journal Tesserae, museum and site guides and workbooks, talking books and e-books. To this effect, Heritage Malta Publishing has forged multiple collaborations with respectable stakeholders, both locally and abroad.

The didactic resources front is best represented by the progressive crafting of an online encyclopaedia of Maltese heritage. This mammoth project is being undertaken with the collaboration of the education authorities and is spread over several years.

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