Find out how to make the most of your visit to our various museums & sites.

At Heritage Malta, everyone is welcome at our museum and sites. The principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility apply to all aspects of Heritage Malta’s operations. We’ve made a few changes so you can safely enjoy your visit. We want the widest number of people to enjoy the building, collection and exhibitions and hope the following information will help you plan your trip to the Museum.

In this section, you will be able to find which museums and sites are accessible to wheelchair enabled persons. Since many of our sites feature buildings of cultural heritage it is not always possible to transform them into wheelchair accessible places. To counteract this, virtual and 3D reconstructions are being produced whenever possible. Wheelchairs are on hand for use at Tarxien Temples and Fort St Elmo. An electric car service is also provided at Fort St Angelo. Where available Blue Badge parking can be made use of on a first-come-first-served basis.

Social Stories and Sensory Maps aiming to facilitate visits by people on the Autism Spectrum and/or visitors with Sensory Processes Disorders are also becoming part of our outreach programme.

Sign language tours for the hearing impaired and short audio-visuals in sign language are available too. In addition, audio-narrative object descriptions have been created for visitors with visual impairments. Service dogs are welcome at Heritage Malta sites and museums. Caregivers of visitors with disabilities are admitted for free.

Regular activities are held targeting diverse and specific audiences. For more information please email us at

Accessibility around our Museum & Sites

Wheelchair accessible means there are ramps, wide door openings and better yet doors that open with a push-button, tables that can fit a wheelchair under them with no crossbar for a base*, bathroom doors that can easily be pushed/pulled open by someone in a wheelchair, bathroom stalls wide enough for a wheelchair user, sinks that a wheelchair user can get under while also reaching the soap and paper towel holders in reach.

Tickets & Events

Plan a day out and transport yourself into intriguing chapters of our history together, with plenty to enjoy for all ages and interests.

Our appointments with you range from Open Days, Thematic Events, Walking and Boat Tours, Lectures and Webinars and Taste History Dinners, to Hands-On Activities, Courses and Workshops, Art and Literature Nights and even Sleepovers! Moreover, we also offer Combo tickets for you to benefit even further when visiting our islands’ heritage gems.

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