Find out how to make the most of your visit to our various museums & sites.

At Heritage Malta, everyone is welcome at our museum and sites. The principles of diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility apply to all aspects of Heritage Malta’s operations. We’ve made a few changes so you can safely enjoy your visit. We want the widest number of people to enjoy the building, collection and exhibitions and hope the following information will help you plan your trip to the Museum.

In this section, you will be able to find which museums and sites are accessible to wheelchair enabled persons. Since many of our sites feature buildings of cultural heritage it is not always possible to transform them into wheelchair accessible places. To counteract this, virtual and 3D reconstructions are being produced whenever possible. Wheelchairs are on hand for use at Tarxien Temples and Fort St Elmo. An electric car service is also provided at Fort St Angelo. Where available Blue Badge parking can be made use of on a first-come-first-served basis.

Social Stories and Sensory Maps aiming to facilitate visits by people on the Autism Spectrum and/or visitors with Sensory Processes Disorders are also becoming part of our outreach programme.

Sign language tours for the hearing impaired and short audio-visuals in sign language are available too. In addition, audio-narrative object descriptions have been created for visitors with visual impairments. Service dogs are welcome at Heritage Malta sites and museums. Caregivers of visitors with disabilities are admitted for free.

Please note that all persons with a physical or intellectual impairment who wish to purchase a reduced entry ticket to any of our Museums and Sites on our online store should select ‘Senior’ from the drop-down menu when booking.

Regular activities are held targeting diverse and specific audiences. For more information please email us at

Accessibility around our Museum & Sites

Wheelchair accessible means there are ramps, wide door openings and better yet doors that open with a push-button, tables that can fit a wheelchair under them with no crossbar for a base*, bathroom doors that can easily be pushed/pulled open by someone in a wheelchair, bathroom stalls wide enough for a wheelchair user, sinks that a wheelchair user can get under while also reaching the soap and paper towel holders in reach.

Museums have an important responsibility to make everyone feel welcome and included, especially those with different needs, such as visual impairments. A visit to a traditional museum can be isolating for those who cannot see well, as the exhibits are often behind glass and not easily accessible. That's why it's crucial for museums to create a more inclusive environment, and Heritage Malta is taking steps towards this goal in two ways(or on two fronts).

Firstly, they offer workshops that are specifically designed for visually impaired people. These workshops allow participants to experience different aspects of Malta's rich history and culture through touch, sound, and other senses. Please find some examples of our most recent activities below:

Touch Tour at Ħal Tarxien Prehistoric Complex

At the Ħal Tarxien Prehistoric Complex, visitors were able to experience history like never before with an amazing touch tour. Participants were given a warm introduction to this fascinating prehistoric site and then taken on a tour of the Neolithic structure, where they could touch the megaliths and appreciate the intricate carvings on the blocks. After the tour, the fun continued as visitors got to examine a range of undiagnostic artefacts, gaining insights into the tools and materials prehistoric people had access to. The activity provided a fantastic opportunity to engage with history in a hands-on and memorable way!

The Roman Experience at St Paul’s Catacombs

This immersive adventure began with a brief, fascinating introduction to the Roman period in Malta. Everyone then journeyed underground for an unforgettable tour of the physically accessible parts of the atmospheric Saint Paul's Catacombs tomb complex. It was incredible to experience the dampness, unique sounds, and smells of an ancient underground burial cemetery and feel the engraved decorations on some of the tombs. After our tour, we enjoyed a delicious meal with foods that would have been available during Roman times.

Prehistoric Decorations at Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra Archaeological Park

The participants were invited to step back in time and discover the mysterious prehistoric decorations at Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra Archaeological Park. An expert curator kicked off the event with an introductory talk about the different forms of decorations found within the prehistoric sites and the tools used to make these decorations and enigmatic human figurines. Replicas were passed around so the participants could touch the features the curator mentioned in her talk. Following the presentation, the participants were given tools to help them unleash their inner artist and guided on making their own version of the popular prehistoric spirals using pieces of rope.

Maltese Folk Characters at MUŻA

During this interactive activity at MUŻA, Malta’s National Community Art Museum, participants were encouraged to visualise a scene from a painting just by listening to an audio recording. They then got to feel and touch a 3D version of the painting and confirm whether their guesses were correct. It was like stepping into the painting and experiencing it in real life! But that was just the beginning. Next up, our group got to roll up their sleeves and create their own version of the painting they had just experienced.

Secondly, Heritage Malta is working on an ongoing project to record audio descriptions of some of the artefacts displayed in its museums. These descriptions help blind or visually impaired people to fully comprehend the objects on display and are being developed in collaboration with the University of Malta’s Department of Translation. Each artefact is described in English, Maltese, and even a child-friendly version! We're committed to making our museums welcoming and inclusive for everyone, so come and experience the magic for yourself. Below please find the audio description of some of the artefacts within Heritage Malta’s collections.

Sleeping Lady English For Kids

Sleeping Lady Maltese For Adults

Sleeping Lady English For Adults

The Standing Statue English for kids

The Standing Statue Maltese for adults

The Standing Statue English for adults

Venus of Malta English for kids

Venus of Malta Maltese for adults

Venus of Malta English for adults

Wednesdays from 1pm to 4 pm at the National Museum of Archaeology. Tuesdays from 1pm to 4pm at the National Museum of Natural History.
National Museum of Archaeology Sensory Map
National Museum of Archaeology Social Story
National Museum of Natural History Sensory Map
National Museum of Natural History Social Story

Tickets & Events

Plan a day out and transport yourself into intriguing chapters of our history together, with plenty to enjoy for all ages and interests.

Our appointments with you range from Open Days, Thematic Events, Walking and Boat Tours, Lectures and Webinars and Taste History Dinners, to Hands-On Activities, Courses and Workshops, Art and Literature Nights and even Sleepovers! Moreover, we also offer Combo tickets for you to benefit even further when visiting our islands’ heritage gems.

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