Malta’s rich European tradition of heraldry abounds. Armorial bearings are not restricted to coats of arms linked to old families, the Order of St John and the Church, but also extend to various companies, schools and corporations.

Despite the abundance of armorial bearings all over the Maltese islands, it was only in 2019 that a central authority regulating the granting of coats of arms was created.

In March 2019, the Office of the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta was established by Heritage Malta upon the recommendation of the Prime Minister and the Cabinet Secretary, and Dr Charles A. Gauci who was appointed as the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta.

It is now the office of the Chief Herald of Arms of Malta which regulates all new heraldic emblems within the Maltese Islands. The Chief Herald has the power to devise and grant new arms, both personal and corporate; to register arms which have already been in use locally for many years; and to register arms previously granted by appropriate foreign authorities.

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