Sponsorship and Partnership Schemes

Sponsorship and Partnership Schemes

Heritage Malta is at the forefront in positioning the Islands as a cultural destination and also as exclusive locations for international conferences, corporate events, seminars, weddings and location shoots. Our extensive portfolio includes archaeological sites, baroque auberges and palaces, catacombs, forts, natural landscapes, and UNESCO-listed Megalithic sites. Safeguarding, nurturing, and preserving yesterday’s past for tomorrow’s future is an onerous but edifying responsibility we take very seriously. We need all the assistance we can get. Heritage Malta is always on the lookout for organisations and sponsors willing to support the national agency on several levels. Various kinds of sponsorships can be undertaken, ranging from monetary donations to services and equipment. You may opt to support an individual project or join us on a long journey with mutually enriching benefits.


Make an instant donation:

Generations of artisans, masons, artists, and architects have created a concentrated historic legacy unparalleled elsewhere in the world. It is our duty to follow in their hallowed footsteps and ensure their blood, sweat, tears, and achievements live on to inspire future generations and provide a deep-rooted sense of identity and belonging.

Whether it be through our restoration and conservation efforts, our publishing, education and outreach activities, our digitisation of the national collection, our guardianship of the natural environment, the provision of equipment for our diagnostic services laboratories and archaeological surveying or the protection of our underwater heritage, your monetary contribution will ensure we continue to preserve our forefathers’ endeavours for posterity. To make a direct contribution, send an email to supportus.heritagemalta@gov.mt


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a corporate donation to Heritage Malta.


Support a project

 From time to time, pressing conservation concerns result in the undertaking of ambitious restoration and rehabilitation projects, both EU and locally funded. Major exhibitions and other initiatives are also conceived, designed and manufactured entirely in-house. You may want to align your corporate philanthropic outreach with the endorsement of one particular project or exhibition. Should you wish to support one of our initiatives, our donations & sponsorships manager will only be too pleased to outline how we may collaborate to your advantage.

Let’s Brand together

Become a cultural ambassador and enjoy some of the prestige and national pride associated with upholding and protecting the Maltese Islands’ rich, multi-variegated past. Tracing its formal origins back to 1903, Heritage Malta contributes outstanding cultural capital to any corporate partnership. We have several tailor-made sponsorship and partnership packages with bespoke benefits that can be streamlined to adapt to your corporate image and mission. Together we will work to maximise your sponsorship and enhance your brand profile across your preferred demographics with an innovative and integrated marketing and communications strategy.

If you wish to customize your sponsorship then our Donations & Sponsorship Manager will only be too happy to guide you and explain some of the perks associated with our sponsorship schemes. Send an email to supportus.heritagemalta@gov.mt


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