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Kulħadd għall-Belt – Sette Giugno 1919-2019


ISBN                   978-99932-57-72-1

Dimensions        25 x 25 cm

Inside Pages      coated paper, full colour

No of Pages       144

Cover                  paperback, perfect with flaps

Category:  Exhibition Catalogues
  • This exhibition catalogue was published to complement the Culhat al Belt exhibition commemorating 100 years from the Sette Giugno 1919 riots, an important milestone in Maltese history resulting in the tragic death of 4 Maltese protestors. The catalogue relates a string of unfortunate events starting from 1914. Illustrated with various images of British troops firing on Maltese rioters, wreath-laying, funeral procession, as well as politicians and protagonists, it gives an overview on the causes and consequences, both immediate and long term, for the Maltese people. The most significant, as a nation, being the path towards self-government.
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