Taste History

Taste History

Taste History provides unique food-related knowledge through the power of narrative during quality authentic convivial experience to our guests.

Our philosophy is firmly founded on two basic principles: research-based events using documents located both in Malta’s rich archival repositories and land and marine archaeological remains. Taste History will also engage local knowledge and expertise to use seasonal locally sourced products that are professionally prepared meeting the necessary food safety standards. Taste History is the leading provider in Malta of an authentic sense of terroir to our guests.

Drawing inspiration from the museums and sites that Heritage Malta curates, artefacts, documents, and paintings help us recreate menus from a bygone era. Recipe books, kitchen inventories, butcher bills, and receipts from pasta factories are the building blocks for our inspiration.

Surrounded by authentic historical artefacts, patrons travel through time as the table provides a convivial experience. Food becomes the medium through which we empower you to explore Malta’s chequered past. Taste History, yesterday’s culinary encounters become today’s sensory experiences.


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