Education & Outreach

Education & Outreach

The Education and Outreach Department caters for educational activities and access to a wide variety of audiences.

Schools: Thematic and multidisciplinary activities are offered to students from pre-school and early years to post-secondary levels. All activities are directly linked with the national curriculum. Activities are offered on site in museums and sites, and also via online platforms. HM’s Education and Outreach also coordinates school visits for students and Professional Development Programmes for educational professionals and staff.

HM Senior Passport: The HM Senior Passport gives senior citizens access to various activities on sites and inside museums, keeping them and their young ones engaged in a long-term relationship with heritage. Senior Passports, acquired through Local Councils, provide access to different specialised programmes.

HM Student Passport: The HM Student Passport gives all students together with two accompanying adults free access to HM sites and museums. HM also conducts several activities during the scholastic year and offers a wide ranging programme over the summer holidays.

Persons with Different Abilities: A number of activities also target persons with different abilities, including the visually and hearing impaired, persons with mobility restrictions, those suffering from dementia, persons on the autism spectrum as well as those suffering from sensory processing disorders. Museums are also being transformed into spaces that welcome and embrace visits by differently abled people, as well as people with a variety of academic and socio-cultural backgrounds.

The Wider Community: HM reaches the wider community through a number of courses and lectures offered to people who cannot, in usual circumstances, visit sites and museums, such as prison inmates. HM also co-hosts and delivers activities organised by various governmental ministries and departments such as the National Literacy Agency, the Malta Tourism Authority, Erasmus, I belong Programme which targets immigrants, and the Department of Curriculum, Lifelong Learning and Employability.

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