As guardians of over 8,000 years of history, Heritage Malta is the national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage. 

With a portfolio that encompasses archaeological sites, baroque auberges and palaces, catacombs, forts, natural landscapes and UNESCO listed neolithic temples, Heritage Malta is the face of the Maltese Islands. More than simply advancing the stock of intellectual and cultural capital, our vocation is to offer a mirror to society through a heritage which is ‘Part of Us‘, because we are our history and this is our cultural identity.

Every generation, monument, artefact, language, specimen, and celebration has a story to share. Heritage Malta ensures that these stories are preserved for posterity and are made accessible for everyone, everywhere to experience and enjoy.

Inspire future generations.

Heritage Malta does not only look towards the heritage it curates to ensure its longevity, but also towards the public and the future generations it wishes to inspire. Therefore, heritage interpretation, outreach services, consultancy, internationalisation, corporate events, publishing and public events such as exhibitions, cook-a-longs and open-days comprise the bulk of Heritage Malta’s focus.

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A Future for our Heritage

Aware of the role our Heritage has played in shaping who we are and where we stand, it is Heritage Malta’s chief mission to breathe new life in it, to render it safe, secure and resilient.

This brings Heritage Malta’s diagnostic labs and conservation and restoration teams at the core of its mandate and activity. It is through these that the agency ensures it lives up to the motto of ensuring a future for our Heritage, not only as a showcase of the past but as a living legacy with a key role in the way 21st century Malta wants to shape its future.

From stone-age settlers to seafaring entrepreneurs; from empire builders to inspirational Maltese leaders. Heritage Malta is the face of the Maltese Islands with all the legacy we inherited; with all the heritage we carry with us into our future.

Meet the Team

Anthony Scicluna was appointed as Vice-Chairman of Heritage Malta in 2014 and, in 2020, he was confirmed as Chairman of the Board.

Educated at St. Aloysius College and the New Lyceum, Mr. Scicluna joined Bank of Valletta in 1984 and mainly held positions within the branch network, finance and internal audit. Between 2005 and 2013 he was responsible for the Bank’s Group Internal Audit function. Between 2013 and 202 he served as Chief Officer responsible for human resources, ethics and training. Mr. Scicluna retired from Bank of Valletta in December 2021.

During his career Mr. Scicluna sat in a number of boards, risk and audit committees.

Mr. Scicluna is a certified public accountant and holds a practicing certificate in auditing. He is a Fellow of the Malta Institute of Accountants, where he is also a member of the Institute’s Disciplinary Committee. He also holds an honours degree in Business Management from the University of Malta.

I am proud to lead Heritage Malta in such challenging yet interesting times. Together with the senior management team and all the hard-working and passionate employees at Heritage Malta, I look forward to further consolidate Heritage Malta’s role as the national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage.

Gradually climbing up the ranks, moving through IT, finance, marketing and business development, Noel Zammit was appointed CEO of Heritage Malta in 2017.

Software engineering skills and national heritage are rarely uttered in the same sentence. However, as CEO for Malta’s national agency for museums, conservation practice and cultural heritage, Mr Zammit found himself relying on his extensive experience in the former to improve and promote the latter.

An alumnus from the London School of Economics, Mr Zammit’s professional career as software engineer began in Malta and continued in the United Kingdom, where he provided development solutions to multinationals, giving them a competitive edge in their respective sectors. Eventually, he returned to Malta, working within the Malta Centre for Restoration until it was ultimately absorbed by Heritage Malta.

“In my few years in this role, I have pooled my knowledge and experience, spanning over two decades, to lead a massive internal cultural shift within Heritage Malta, through careful restructuring, rebranding and strategic alignment. Heritage Malta clients and observers have surely noticed our focus on digitisation and market presence of our cultural heritage, not just as a way of remaining accessible through COVID-19 or to ensure long term sustainability but also as a way of preserving our heritage and living up to our motto: ensuring a future to our past.”


Find out how to make the most of your visit to our various museums & sites.

At Heritage Malta, everyone is welcome at our museum and sites. We are committed to making our collection, buildings, and programs accessible to all audiences. We have made a few changes so you can safely enjoy your visit. We want the widest number of people to enjoy the building, collection and exhibitions and hope the following information will help you plan your trip to the Museum.

For information on how to borrow a wheelchair, access sensory maps, and all other accessibility services please see the section below.


Collaboration is essential for HM to live up to its mission of giving a future to Malta’s past.

Heritage Malta, offers various win-win opportunities for all those NGOs, private companies and public institutions, local and foreign, interested in collaborating with the national agency, and thus directly assisting in the sustainable management of the cultural and natural heritage in the agency’s care.

Corporate Information

Acquisitions, exhibitions, restoration and virtual reality; just a few of Heritage Malta’s corporate endeavours. Check out what the agency has been up to these past two decades. The scope and range of Heritage Malta’s range of activities can be perused in these annual reports.

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Openings for emerging and established professionals


Openings for emerging and established professionals

Partnerships & Sponsorships

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