The Digitisation Unit was set up to implement Heritage Malta’s digital policy, covering all aspects of our cultural heritage including tangible and intangible assets.

One of the Unit’s main aims is the digital acquisition of cultural heritage assets, using a wide range of state-of-the-art digital tools and methodologies suited accordingly for different heritage artefacts. These tools include photography, videography, laser scanning, photogrammetry, a fully equipped audio recording studio, hi-res drone aerial acquisition and Reflectance Transformation Imaging.

The acquired digital artefacts are then catalogued and annotated with the corresponding META data into a collection management system (CMS) containing the national collection. The Digitisation Unit is responsible for the management of this CMS which will eventually hold millions of digital artefacts. The CMS contents will be made available to the general public via the web according to unternational standards.

Another role of the Digitisation Unit is to present digitised artefacts to the public in an interactive and engaging manner. This is achieved through the use of multimedia, ensuring that our digital national collection reaches all audiences in an attractive and immersive manner.

Increasing accessibility is an important function of the Digitisation Unit, achieved through the production of all inhouse communication content such as features, documentaries, webinars and masterclasses. The Unit is also responsible for Heritage Malta’s online web presence.

These main roles of the Digitisation Unit are in line with the agency’s commitment to document, preserve and communicate Malta’s cultural heritage to all.


Quality Policy - Digitisation Department

Digitization Unit – Heritage Malta strives to ensure that elements of cultural heritage entrusted to it are protected and made accessible to the public. At its very centre of its operations the agency also operates the digitization unit responsible for implementing the digital policy of the agency. 

A Quality Management System based on the requirements of SM EN ISO 9001:2015 was adapted.

The following strategic objectives have been established to be pursued through the Quality Management System:

Long Term Vision 

  • To turn into digital format all aspects of tangible and intangible cultural heritage assets under the guardianship of Heritage Malta.
  • To catalogue and digitally preserve these digital assets 
  • To use digital tools to interpret and make accessible to the widest audience possible this digitized cultural heritage.

Customer Focus

  • To offer effective service solutions to other departments within Heritage Malta as well as members of the public.
  • To ensure seamless operations
  • To provide excellent service by putting the customer at the centre of all activities.
  • To meet customer requirements in a timely and professional manner without ever comprising the business ethics and principles.
  • To provide a flexible service that suits the needs of the customer.
  • To provide customers with a personalised, high value and comprehensive service.
  • To ensure that all staff are adequately trained to perform their assigned duties.
  • To ensure that all staff are able to adapt to difficult and unforeseen operational circumstances.
  • To harness and develop the experience and knowledge gained over the years.
  • To encourage synergy, teamwork and cooperation between the employees of Digitization Unit – Heritage Malta and also with the employees of the customer.
  • To acquire products from reliable external providers/suppliers who are leaders in the field of digital acquisition and interpretation with a high commitment toward product quality and value for money.
  • To remain committed to continuous improvement in all work practices.
  • To constantly demonstrate leadership, and nurture the culture of good quality and continuous improvement across the Digitization Unit – Heritage Malta.


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