Ta’ Mitina catacomb complex is made up of three hypogea located in the southern periphery of Mqabba. These were first documented by A.A. Caruana whose book ‘Report on the Phoenician and Roman Antiquities in the group of islands of Malta’ (1888) remains a cornerstone in Maltese archaeology. Indeed, this was one of his first experiences in a catacomb when, in 1860, he climbed down the well shaft through which the complex was accessed at the time, aaccompanied by Capt. Strickland R.N.

The three hypogea were originally separate burial complexes, each with an independent staircase facing SSW, presumably the location of an ancient road. The three hypogea were only joined together in modern history so that they could be used as a well. The same well was explored by Caruana and Strickland.

This complex also exhibits unique features in the catacomb’s structure. The central hypogeum is best known for its extremely well-preserved triclinium, a rock-cut dining-setup used for commemorative meals, and the two rows of pyramidal lamp-holes facing it. The two flanking hypogea are, on the other hand, best known for the exquisite decoration with which some of the window tombs are adorned.

Ta’ Mintna Catacombs

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Ta' Mintna Catacombs, Mqabba , Malta


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Ta' Mintna Catacombs,

Pjazza ta-Gublew tad-Djamanti,

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This is a closed site which can only be accessed by appointment and accompanied by a Heritage Malta staff; please send an email to info@heritagemalta.org

There is no audio-guide available at the moment, but a private tour can also be provided for a fee.

Around 30 minutes.

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