Għejżu Cave is an archaeological site located on the Xagħra plateau, to the west of the Ġgantija Temples.

The cave was discovered in 1933 and cleared out immediately. It has two openings – a narrow access to the south and a round hole, possibly the result of a ceiling collapse.

Several megaliths scattered on the rocky plateau above the cave might have been the remains of a temple structure. Only ceramic fragments from the Ġgantija phase were found (c.3800 – 2000BC) and these bore abundant traces of red ochre.

Ta’ Għejżu Cave

Archaeological Remains

May be Viewed from the Site Perimeter

Vjal it-8 ta’ Settembru, Xagħra , Gozo


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Vjal it-8 ta’ Settembru,

Xagħra ,


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