The site of Ras ir-Raħeb, formerly known as Ras il-Knejjes, is located on a high promontory overlooking the Malta-Gozo channel and Fomm ir-Riħ. It’s location, overlooking the cliffs with the remains of the important Punic-Roman temple site of Ras il-Wardija in Gozo in the distance seems to indicate that this, too, was a temple site. The remains of small Herculean statuettes and at least one fragment of an ivory plaque may show that this was a temple dedicated to Hercules. This, we have the possibility that this is one of the two temples mentioned on Malta by the ancient geographer Strabo.

Today, what remains of these structures are a number of rooms around what appears to be a central courtyard. Two monoliths set at one end of the site may be the remnants of earlier structures that had been re-used in this possible temple site, just like the Phoenicians did on the larger temple to Ashtarte at Tas-Silġ.

The site also preserved the remains of a small stone quarry, possibly the same used to acquire the blocks required for the construction of this structure.

Ras ir-Raħeb

Archaeological Remains

Permanently Closed

Rabat, Malta


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the most common questions about Ras ir-Raħeb.

The site requires at least 15-20 mins of walking over rough terrain and along a very high cliff.

Yes, however the complexity of the site makes it very difficult to understand without the help of a trained guide.

Camping and picnics are not allowed on the site.

Yes you can book through our concierge service. However, the site is open for free for rambling. Permission will still need to be obtained through oru concierge service.

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