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Tarxien Temples


ISBN                978-99932-57-68-4

Dimensions    25 x 17.5 cm

Inside Pages   coated paper, full colour

No of Pages    80

Cover              Soft bound, perfect with flaps

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Category:  Books Guide Books
  • The Heritage Malta Official Guide Book
  • Built during the Neolithic Period and re-used in the later Bronze Age, the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Tarxien Temples bears significant value in the archaeology of the Maltese Islands. This official guidebook tells the story of the discovery of the Tarxien Temples and explains how these structures were dated. Referring to clues which were found throughout the site, the book presents theories about how these structures were constructed and what was their function. Extensive photos provide further insight about this archaeological site and the meaning behind the various decorations and artefacts which were recovered from this prehistoric monument.
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