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  • The Heritage Malta Official Guide Book.
  • Since ancient times, the Maltese Islands' strategic position in the Mediterranean Sea has attracted the interest of foreign powers. Changing hands from one ruler to another across the centuries, its people had to learn how to cope with such an inconsistent reality. Going back to Prehistoric times, the National War Museum throws light over the islands' broad and tumultuous history. Its main focus lies on the two world wars where Malta played a key role, earning the name of 'Nurse of the Mediterranean' in the First World War and becoming an island fortress during the Second World War.
  • Heritage Malta Publishing
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  • Pages:    80
  • Cover:    Hardback / Paperback
  • Dimensions: 17.5 x 25cm
  • ISBN: 978-9918-619-17-7 (hbk)
  • ISBN: 978-9918-619-18-4 (pbk)
  • Heritage Malta Publishing
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Dimensions 17.5 × 25 cm

Hardback, Paperback

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