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Tesseræ 2 – Spring 2016


ISBN                   978-99932-57-41-7

Dimensions        25 x 20 cm

Inside Pages      uncoated paper, full colour

No of Pages        96

Cover                  softbound, perfect

Category:  Books
  • Issue 2 covers the conservation articles on restoring historic buildings and a study of lichen communities of Ħaġar Qim and Mnajdra Temples. It also focuses on the wall paintings at the Main Guard Valletta, the attempt to start a sericulture industry in 19th-century Malta, a study of Pietro Paolo Caruana’s 1813 Plague painting, the breed known as the Maltese Blue cat, the matrilineal genetic heritage of the Maltese Islands, proposals for the relocation of the Palace Armoury Collection to its original purposely built hall and the relevance of today’s museums as primary and secondary resources to teachers, introducing the Historic House Museum and the recurring short articles on modern and contemporary art works added to the National Collection and the caring of collections from infestations.



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