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Scarf: ‘Fire on the Tiber’ – Claude Joseph Vernet (1714-1789)


Scarf:               150 x 75 cm

Material:          Satin

Care:                Dry clean only

In stock

  • Claude Vernet’s (1714-1789) ‘Fire on the Tiber’ details a raging fire on one of the banks on the third longest river in Italy, River Tiber, known as the main watercourse of the city of Rome. This painting characterizes a dramatic night scene, representing a furious and uncontrolled fire. The glow from the raging fire reflects on the water and nearby surfaces, enhancing the shapes and figures quickly being transported to safety by small boats whilst others distress in disbelief. It is thought that the painting might have been a representation of actual events, perhaps Vernet truly witnessed the fire’s frenzy on the River Tiber.
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