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[Be]loved Malta: Stories of sexual and gender identity

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Sexual diversity has always been present in society in various forms. Yet how did society deal with this matter in different periods of time? Was it always considered a ‘problem’? Were all such acts deemed a crime? What did those directly concerned have to go through in order to adapt to the ‘solutions’ suggested or imposed by mainstream society?

Heritage Malta shall suggest answers to such queries by presenting a number of human stories which unfolded in Malta along the centuries in an exhibition organised on the occasion of the first ever EuroPride held in Malta in 2023. Such exhibition is rendered even more significant by the fact that it occurs on the fiftieth anniversary of the decriminalisation of homosexual acts in Malta, in 1973.

This exhibition will be on display at the Main Guard building in Valletta, from the 7th of September until the 11th of November 2023.

Although the exhibition is educational in its scope, embracing diversity in all its forms, since references to sexual acts are made, parental guidance is recommended.

Tickets purchased are valid between the 7th of September and the 11th of November and can only be used once.


Adult, Senior, Student, Children

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