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The Malta Pavilion at the was launched on Friday 15th March in MUŻA – the National Museum of Art, and will be welcoming visitors from Wednesday 13th March till Friday 31st May 2024.

The pavilion offers a unique look at our country, based on the different narratives which exist within our archipelago. The purpose of this pavilion, with the theme ‘FINDINGS AND STORIES’, is to uncover these narratives; some may be real while others are conceptual.

Through different concepts, artists Norbert Francis Attard (1951), Alexandra Aquilina (1987), Trevor Borg (1976) and Patrick J. Fenech (1957) present a sense of discovery towards our history while exposing visible narratives in contemporary Malta.

The Maltese Pavilion is also exhibiting a number of works from MUŻA – Heritage Malta’s contemporary art collection. The selected works, which follow the theme highlighted in the pavilion, form part of a much larger collection the purpose of which is to document artists’ works, development and achievements within the contemporary international histories in the visual arts.

The artists are: Kurt Arrigo (1969), Kris Micallef (1988), Debbie Caruana Dingli (1962), Jesmond Vassallo (1976), Andrew Diacono (1958), Ryan Falzon (1988), Alex Attard (1955), Nigel Baldacchino (1989), Teresa Sciberras (1979), Robert Zahra (1977), Margerite Pulè (1976), Charlie Cauchi (1980), Kane Calì (1983), Nico Conti (1992), Pierre Portelli (1961), Ruth Bianco (1955), Paul Scerri (1959) and Charles is-City Gatt (1944-2022).

In his speech, Heritage Malta’s Chief Executive Officer, Noel Zammit, said that 2024 marks a new chapter in Heritage Malta’s story, and hopefully one which will continue to be written every two years from now onwards.

The Biennale initiative attests to the agency’s ability to move with the times despite its obvious links with the past. It also provides excellent means through which Heritage Malta may accomplish its mission on various levels – for instance, by substantially raising its international profile; by making its sites and museums accessible to a much wider audience; and by sparking profound dialogue which breathes new life into museums and transforms their static nature into lively centres of discussion.

The’s curator, Katya Micallef, shared her definition of contemporary art; every one questions their surroundings, lifestyle and histories, and contemporary artists do the same by using different art media and present it in a context which can be in an art gallery, on a specific site or also online, by following contemporary trends in the visual arts.

Opening hours are from 10.00am to 6.00pm, and tickets are available for purchase at Heritage Malta’s online store: and from any Heritage Malta museum and site. For more information on the Malta Pavillion you may visit this page:

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