This year Heritage Malta is inviting you to travel back in time to 3600BC…

On the 29th June, curators, lecturers, and other professionals, are joining forces at Hagar Qim and Mnajdra to bring to you hands-on interactive displays and activities addressing some basic questions about the temple-builders? What did they eat? What did they wear? Where did they live?

Activities will include; experiments in preparing a Neolithic meal by Martha Micallef Anastasi, as well as a hands-on explanation of how pottery was produced, presented by Rosella Schembri from Space for Clay. Modern technology will come to our aid in helping us understand what the homes of the temple builders may have looked like. Children will be able to explore what people wore in prehistory and make their own accessories.

We shall also be joined by artists from Wicked Comics who will be telling us about how life in the Neolithic is still inspiring art today.

Guided tours of the temples and landscape will also be given at scheduled times included below.

The following talks will be held in the Visitor Centre:

Time Talk
09.30 Artefacts: Past and present daily needs by Sharon Sultana, Heritage Malta
10.30 The Origin of Comic Art & Comics as an instructional medium by Samantha Abela, B.A (Hons) History and PGCE History, History and Art Teacher at St Edward?s College and Committee Member of Wicked Comics
13.00 Comics as an Instructional Medium by Samantha Abela
14.00 Landscape and Place in Neolithic Malta by Reuben Grima, Department of the Built Heritage, University of Malta
15.00 CARARE: Connecting Archaeology and Architecture in Europeana by Noel Zammit and Joanne Mallia, Heritage Malta
17.00 Neolithic Malta: What we lost… what remains… by Daniel Cilia, Photographer

This event will also host a national seminar for the CARARE: Connecting Archaeology and Architecture in Europeana project in which Heritage Malta is a partner. A Best Practice Network funded by the EU under the ICT PSP 2009 programme, CARARE aims to make European cultural heritage available to all via the European Digital Library, Europeana. Through this project Heritage Malta is working towards publishing a large part of its collection of artefacts and sites online in the form of information, photos, videos and, for the first time, even navigable 3D models.

Hagar Qim Park will be open to the public for free between 09.00hrs and 19.00hrs. Heritage Malta will also be offering a 10% discount to anybody who applies for membership at the Visitor Centre. Activities will be held at the Visitor Centre, Hagar Qim and Mnajdra Temples as well as the surrounding landscape, so we recommend you wear comfortable shoes. Don’t forget your hat and sunblock!

Tours / nature trails schedule:

10.00hrs – Hagar Qim Temples tour

11.00hrs – Nature Trail

12.00hrs – Mnajdra Temples tour

12.30hrs – Hagar Qim Temples tour

14.00hrs – Hagar Qim Temples tour

15.00hrs – Nature Trail

16.00hrs – Mnajdra Temples tour

18.00hrs – Hagar Qim Temples tour

18.30hrs -Mnajdra Temples tour

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