On Thursday 24th June, at 6.30pm, Heritage Malta will be livestreaming on Facebook a masterclass about maritime archaeology in Malta in the 21st century. It will be delivered by Professor Timmy Gambin, who heads the agency’s Underwater Cultural Heritage Unit.

Entitled Underwater Archaeological Sites, the masterclass will discuss maritime archaeology beyond shipwrecks and aircraft crash sites, delving into emerging opportunities and new challenges in this field. It will also cover the innovative system Malta has implemented so as to ensure that the islands’ submerged cultural heritage is shared with the general public, both locally and globally

The masterclass will be delivered in Maltese and will include a question and answer session. Participants who would like to put their questions to Professor Gambin need to register beforehand via this link:

Kindly find the link to the registration below –


Masterclass: Underwater Archaeological Sites

24 Jun 2021

Thursday: 18.30 pm - 23.50 pm

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