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From prehistory to the birth of a nation, featuring art, archaeology, armoury and a tale of two sieges, this is the story of Malta in a nutshell. The Valletta Combo Ticket gives access to the Grand Master’s Palace MUŻA (The National Community Art Museum), the National Museum of Archaeology, Fortress Builders Interpretation Centre, and Fort St Elmo.

This ticket is valid for 30 days from first use.

For opening hours, please visit the following link:

Between the 13th of March and the 31st of May, the Valletta Combo Ticket also provides free access to the following Malta Biennale exhibition sites: Main Guard, Auberge d’Aragon, Our Lady of the Pillar Church, Underground Valletta Biennale Cistern and the National Library. For more information on exhibiting artists and locations, please log on here:
Homepage - Malta Biennale


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