A few weeks after the first shelter arch was installed at Tarxien Temples, this unique archaeological site has turned into a hive of activity seeing the installation of the second arch and extensive preparations for the final phase of this project, where a specialised material will be installed between and over the arches to form a protective shelter.

Arch2The project, being led by Heritage Malta, has brought together an international team of architects, engineers, curators, archaeologists, technicians and conservators to ensure that the best possible technical solutions are implemented in the protection of these Neolithic remains, part of the Megalithic Temples of Malta UNESCO World Heritage Site. The construction of a shelter over such an important site calls for innovative solutions at each step of the process of implementation, from design, to manufacture, to actual construction on site.

Heritage Malta is also investing in the renovation of the visitor facilities at the site. These are housed in one of the earliest purposely-built visitor centres on the islands. The current works are ensuring that the facilities meet the expectations of the modern visitor while respecting the integrity of this original building.

All works are expected to be completed in September and will bring to conclusion the Archaeological Heritage Conservation Project, partly funded through the European Regional Development Funds (Cohesion Policy¬† 2007-2013), which also included major works on conservation and visitor facilities at ń†gantija Temples and St Paul’s Catacombs.


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