Heritage Malta is receiving requests from members of the public interested in using parcels of land in the Community Garden at Dawret id-Dejr, Rabat, Malta, on a tolerance basis. This garden is situated above the Abbatija tad-Dejr Catacombs and therefore the use of this land will need to follow a set of rules listed in an agreement that will be signed by both the interested party and the national agency.

The agreement will be valid for one year from the date of signing and can be renewed annually, according to the agency’s discretion.

Initiatives such as this promise to be of great benefit to the community since it not only provides opportunities for recreational gardening and food production, but also allows the public to take ‘ownership’ and effectively participate in the management of a cultural heritage site. Community gardens are also great for the environment.

Interested parties should send an email on tenders.heritagemalta@gov.mt to request a copy of the agreement and an attached plan. Expressions of interest should be sent by email on tenders.heritagemalta@gov.mt. Each expression of interest should indicate the number/s of the requested plot/s as well as all the details of the applicant.

Applications close on Monday 14th October 2019 at noon.

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