Heritage Malta will be opening for free its four Gozo Citadel museums on August 15th, a Public Holiday.

The Gozo Museum of Archaeology, the Gozo Nature Museum, the Old Prison and the Folklore Museum will be open between 9am and 5pm with the last entrance at 4:30pm.

The Gozo Museum of Archaeology

The Gozo Museum of Archaeology, housed in the 17th century town house known as ‘Casa Bondi’, illustrates the cultural history of the Island from prehistoric times to the early modern period.

The Gozo Nature Museum houses collections relating to the Island?s geology, minerals, marine life, insects, local habitats and ecosystems, while the Folklore Museum, located in a group of late medieval houses, hosts a wide range of exhibits depicting the traditional domestic way of life in the agrarian economy of the Maltese Islands in centuries past.

The Old Prison

The Old Prison was in use from the mid-16th century until the early 20th century. The walls of the cells and corridors are covered with graffiti, including ships, stars, hand profiles, and names, and date from different periods.

During the Open Day, young children and their parents will have the opportunity of participating in a quest around the Citadel. The quest sheets can be collected from the Gozo Museum of Archaeology.

This is the latest of initiatives that Heritage Malta has accustomed the Maltese and foreign visitors to in its commitment to make our cultural heritage accessible to all.



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