A stroll along the beautiful Birgu waterfront is not quite complete without a visit to the Malta Maritime Museum, housed within the Old Naval Bakery and charting 7000 years of Malta’s maritime history, from prehistory to the present day.

Island at the Crossroads (year-long Exhibition)

The Malta Maritime Museum has partly reopened its doors on the 9th of February, 2024 to present a one-of-a-kind exhibition titled An Island at the Crossroadsafter being closed for several years for substantial restoration and revitalization, which was partially supported by the EEA Norway Grants.

Malta is an island nation, its destiny dictated by the waves that have battered its shores for centuries. Its people have ventured beyond those shores to the ends of the world, turning their biggest natural barrier into a bridge. A bridge that has brought them into contact with the whole world. A world that has delivered to the island war, famine, riches and prosperity: creating in the process ‘An Island at the Crossroads.’ The result of curators past and curators present, ‘An Island at the Crossroads’ is our attempt to read between the lines and uncover the identity of this island nation.

Keep an eye out for a year-long programme of activities– which will consist of thought-provoking lectures, conferences, Taste History events, educational programmes for school-aged children, and even the chance to spend a night at the museum.

Visit maltamaritimemuseum.mt for additional information.

The Museum (currently undergoing restoration)

The museum’s story is driven by a backbone of eclectic museum objects, all with an indelible link to the history of Malta, each giving an account of how faiths, cultures, and nations clashed or indeed co-existed on a rock, a surrounding sea, and an ever-smaller world. Discover how an extant anchor from Roman antiquity relates to the local faith and the community’s cultural memory; how the living of men and women alike in Malta depended predominantly on corsairing, the same activity antagonized in local folk stories; and how the search for statehood in the last century accompanied economic anxiety.

Supporting assets and resources include a comprehensive maritime-themed library and a large collection of archival records. The Maritime Museum is also a major venue for events by Heritage Malta’s culinary arm – Taste History –  which has since become a staple contributor to the visitor experience.

Malta Maritime Museum


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Ex-Naval Bakery, Birgu, Malta

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