Calling young explorers, aged 3 to 5 years!

Heritage Malta has prepared a special adventure, tailored specifically for these young minds. A sensory storytelling session will offer a captivating exploration of marine life through the tale of a friendly shark who faces a daunting challenge when it becomes entangled in a fishing net.

Entitled ‘Shark Story’, this activity will be held at the National Museum of Natural History in Mdina, on Tuesday 9th July 2024, at 09:30 am in English and again at 11:00 am in Maltese. This event is perfect for sparking young imaginations and introducing important environmental themes.

During the session, children will embark on an enchanting journey through the shark’s underwater world, learning about the impacts of overfishing and bycatch in a way that is accessible and engaging for their young minds.

The storytelling is enhanced with interactive elements that engage the senses—children will feel the textures of the net, mimic the swaying of seaweed, and more, making the experience not just educational but also deeply immersive.

‘Shark Story’ is an opportunity for children to cultivate a love for nature and learning. By connecting emotionally with the story of the shark, they’ll begin to understand the broader significance of environmental stewardship and their own role in preserving the natural world.

Tickets are limited to 12 children per session to ensure a personal and engaging experience, so be sure to book your spot early, online on Store – Heritage Malta or from any of our museums and sites!

Please note that an adult should accompany the child throughout the event.

This event forms part of Heritage Malta’s Summer Student Programme 2024

Shark Story – Summer Student Programme 2024

Children's Activity

09 Jul 2024

Tuesday: 09.30 - 12.00

L-Imdina, Malta

General €10

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