As part of its mission to make art accessible to the masses, MUŻA, the Malta National Community Art Museum, proudly introduces thirteen Old Master Paintings to the general public. Apart from two paintings that have been displayed briefly in exhibitions during the past ten years,  the majority of these works of art have been out of public sight for decades. The paintings, which range from the late 15th to the mid-18th centuries and include autograph works by world-renowned artists Giovanni Baglione, François Boucher, and Claude-Joseph Vernet, are on a generous long-term loan from an international private collection.

With artworks exemplifying the harmonious idiom of the High Renaissance typified by the far-reaching influence exercised by Raffaello, Michelangelo, and Leonardo da Vinci, ‘Masterpieces at MUŻA’ is making the output of a remarkable assemblage of trailblazing art luminaries, available to the Maltese public for the very first time. The exhibition will also feature paintings commissioned to Peter Paul Rubens and workshop, amongst others reveling in the theatrical Baroque and flamboyant Rococo.

The prestigious exhibition represents a first for Malta. It reflects an expression of the trust that Heritage Malta enjoys within international circles.

‘Masterpieces at MUŻA’ is being supported by Visit Malta; the Ministry for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government; the Ministry for Finance; and the Department of Art and Art History at the University of Malta. For more info:

Exhibition: Masterpieces at MUŻA


11 Jun 2021 - 31 Oct 2021

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