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Tesseræ 3 – Autumn 2016


ISBN                   978-99932-57-42-4

Dimensions        25 x 20 cm

Inside Pages      uncoated paper, full colour

No of Pages        96

Cover                  softbound, perfect

Category:  Books
  • Issue 3 features 2 conservation articles, namely the restoration of a grisaille painted enamel Nativity Scene and the preservation of the Maltese village through analysis of collective memory versus architecture. Then there are papers ranging from Fort St Angelo as a monumental national icon, the craftsmanship of an 18th-century sui generis bombé, revisiting of the Farrugia-Gravino albums of archaeological sites, the 1551 – an Island people decimated, the bread quality and consumer trust in 18th-century urban Malta, the ongoing commitment towards the conservation of Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum as a Unique World Heritage Site, lessons learnt through a visitors’ study of a museum event, to the re-examining of the Prehistoric Human Remains from the Xagħra Circle. These are followed by the recurring short articles on modern and contemporary art works added to the National Collection and the care and preservation of photographic material.







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