The webinar to be held next week by Heritage Malta, featuring a Christmas dinner during World War II, has sparked great public interest. An entire school – San Ġorġ Preca College Secondary School, Ħamrun – has registered for the webinar so that its students may participate as part of the Christmas activities at the school itself.

The webinar “A Wartime Christmas Dinner”, organised by Heritage Malta’s Education and Outreach Department, will take place on Tuesday 22nd December at 11:00am and is aimed at all those aged ten years and over.

This will be a unique opportunity for participants to get a taste of how Christmas was celebrated in Malta some 80 years ago, through original documents that are not usually accessible to the public, photographs and footage, as well as information about a 1942 Christmas dinner.

In the current difficult situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic, it should be easier to identify with the hardships that the war imposed on our forefathers many Christmases ago, and to be reminded that challenging periods are always followed by better times.

A digital pack containing a postcard, a pantomime booklet published in 1942, a wartime Christmas dinner menu, as well as ration cards, will be sent to all participants upon registration.

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