After months of major conservation works, Heritage Malta revised its interpretation and presentation at the Ħal Salfieni Hypogeum. Thanks to new technology, visitors who do not manage to book a ticket for the regular tour, still have the opportunity to explore this prehistoric site through a new immersive experience installed in the redesigned interpretation centre. Tickets for the audiovisual show are available online.

A very interesting audiovisual presentation will give visitors a better understanding of the history and content of the site. The revision and upgrading was supported by a grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants 2009-2014.

The narrative of the interpretation includes stories about the site’s discovery, its links to above ground contemporary sites, topics related to tales and so called ‘urban legends’ which developed over time since the discovery of the site until recently. The understanding of new evidence and new research about the evolving of Malta’s Neolithic is also explored.

The culmination of the new interpretation centre includes presentations adopting latest audiovisual technology. Visitors start the tour with an audiovisual about the discovery of the site. The room is dressed up with the excavation tools of the period and elements pertaining to the discovery, aiding in the immersion of visitors into the time of the site’s discovery. Visitors are then guided to the next room where the audiovisual presentation focuses more on the interpretation of the archeological finds at the site. Here the visitors get closer to the site itself, as they interact with the original artefacts on display as they are lit up at points where the script refers to them.

Tickets for this audiovisual show in the new interpretation centre are available daily and can be booked online on  

Ticket prices for the audiovisual show are as follows: €5 Adults; €3.50 Seniors/Children/Students/Concessions.


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