Neptune. For more than two hundred years he guarded the sea at the Grand Harbour, and for almost two hundred more his powerful gaze searched every corner of the courtyard at the Grand Master’s Palace, where many nicknamed him “the giant”. Who knows what those eyes have seen as they pondered the changes and upheavals we jotted down in our history books?

But even giants need some love and care at times. As part of the extensive restoration project that Heritage Malta is carrying out at the Grand Master’s Palace, Nettuno’s statue is currently undergoing a conservation process which is not only taking care of its outer appearance but is also trying to study its inner structure. In fact the statue was recently transported to Bighi where it underwent several tests before being taken back to the palace.

Did any new information emerge as a result of these tests? … Time will tell if Neptune will have a new story to tell us in the future.



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