This weekend Fort St. Elmo will host the Malta Artisan Market and Heritage Malta will be opening the Fort, the National War Museum and the Valletta 1566 – Melita Renascens Exhibition at a reduced price of €5.

Visitors will be able to visit the artisan market for free. Tickets to the Fort at a reduced price for adults, students, children and seniors alike will be available at Porta del Soccorso.

Fort St. Elmo occupied a strategic position at the tip of the Sceberras peninsula. The star shaped fort was built by the Knights of Malta in 1552 and it was badly damaged during the Great Siege in 1565. After the Knight’s victory over the Ottomans, the Fort was included in the fortified city of Valletta and additions and alterations were carried out to the fort over centuries. Fort St. Elmo played also an important role during World War II. After the Royal Malta Artillery left the fort in 1972, some years later the upper part of the fort was utilised by the Malta Police Force as a Police Academy. But lately this upper part of Fort St. Elmo was restored and houses also the new Military History Museum (the National War Museum).

The National War Museum houses a superb collection of items which takes us back to prehistoric times. Items are displayed in chronological order, also with technological means, with major focus on the Great Siege of 1565 and the role of Malta during the Second World War.

The Artisan Market will be held in the Enceinte, an area fronted by the majestic bastions of Fort St. Elmo, overlooking the Grand Harbour. Malta Artisan Market’s aim is to further promote high quality local arts and crafts, quality food products and good eating.

The opening hours of Fort St. Elmo are from 9.00am till 6.00pm while the Valletta 1566 – Melita Renascens Exhibition opens from 9.00am till 5.00pm.


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