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Two bare areas at the Tarxien Prehistoric Complex are to be transformed into a garden and a space for relaxation, following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Heritage Malta and The Alfred Mizzi Foundation.

The areas comprise a large field immediately behind the prehistoric complex and a smaller stretch of land close to the visitor centre.

The field is set to become a green space with trees and shrubs for family enjoyment. The choice of indigenous and endemic trees has been carefully made in order not to disturb any archaeological remains in the area. Some of the species planted will be similar to ones growing on the Maltese Islands in the Neolithic, providing the ideal opportunity for visitors to discover ecological aspects of that period.

The smaller area lends itself beautifully to become the second Ġnien Dinja Waħda garden at a Heritage Malta site, following the success of the first one located at Għar Dalam. Ġnien Dinja Waħda is meant as an educational area for children and follows in the footsteps of similar spaces that have been created in several educational institutions with the help of BirdLife Malta. Such spaces provide children with the opportunity to feel at one with nature and to learn in an applied, rather than abstract, way. As in Għar Dalam, Tarxien’s Ġnien Dinja Waħda will be planted with indigenous and endemic trees and shrubs, will have a seating area, and will feature a freshwater pond, thus giving children the opportunity to observe various land and water species in their natural habitat.

Through the MOU, The Alfred Mizzi Foundation shall be financing the supply of all trees and shrubs to be planted in both areas, as well as an irrigation system and other ancillary needs. Heritage Malta shall be fully responsible for maintaining both areas upon completion.

The MOU was signed by Noel Zammit, Heritage Malta’s Chief Executive Officer, and by Julian Sammut, Chairman of The Alfred Mizzi Foundation.

Mr Zammit expressed his gratitude towards The Alfred Mizzi Foundation and said that through such financial aid, Heritage Malta is in a better position to embark on initiatives that do not only provide alternative learning means for children but also relaxation areas for families at its own sites. Such initiatives also highlight Heritage Malta’s commitment towards the environment.

Mr Sammut mentioned that over the last couple of years The Alfred Mizzi Foundation stepped up its commitment to conserving and embellishing the local environment with  special emphasis on tree planting. This first planting project with Heritage Malta may soon be followed with a far larger and more ambitious one in the area around Borġ in-Nadur in Birżebbuġa. Ambjent Malta’s enthusiatic support has been of great help. Earlier this year, the Foundation embarked on a three-year, 2,000 tree planting exercise with the Majjistral National Park. “We are happy that this project in Tarxien will not solely serve our aim of increasing the tree population on the Maltese Islands, but also embellish this magnificent prehistoric complex whilst ‘protecting’ it from the hectic modern day life outside its boundary,” said Mr Sammut.

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