Stqarrija bil-Malti Agħfas Hawn / Press Release in Maltese Click Here

Malta has been added to the list of starting points for the Camino de Santiago, thanks to the initiative of several local entities including Heritage Malta.

The Camino de Santiago is a pilgrimage route that can be initiated from different starting points in several European countries. Malta is now one of these starting points, with a route named Camino Maltés which is around 3,600km long and which also includes Sicily, Sardinia and Barcelona.

The Maltese segment of the Camino Maltés route is approximately 35km long. It starts at Saint Paul’s Grotto in Rabat, then on to Żejtun, Fort St Angelo in Birgu and finally across the harbour to Valletta where pilgrims catch the ferry to Sicily. A marker pointing towards Galicia in Spain will be placed near the entrance to Fort St Angelo, indicating it as the final local stop along the Camino Maltés before setting off towards Sicily.

Fort St Angelo was chosen as the homing entity of the hito because of what it represents: the links to the Knights of St John, the service and raison d’être of the Order itself, the maritime routes, its position in the Grand Harbour, its link with Birgu, the Three Cities and Valletta, as well as local pilgrimages and what they represent.

A public information session about the Camino Maltés, the history behind it and how pilgrims may enjoy it using Malta as a starting point was recently held at Fort St Angelo. Participants were addressed by representatives of the entities behind this initiative, namely the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade via the Embassy of Malta in Spain, Heritage Malta, the Malta Tourism Authority, and Xircammini, Malta’s official association representing the International Federation of the Associations of Friends of the Camino de Santiago.

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