Valletta, Malta – Malta’s first international art biennale, titled, and its theme – baħar abjad imsaġar taż-żebbuġ: white sea olive groves – have just been announced.

Taking place between March and May 2024, this contemporary art event will present works from individual artists, as well as pavilion projects, in various evocative sites scattered across the archipelago.

MUŻA, Malta’s National Community Art Museum, on behalf of organising bodies Heritage Malta and Arts Council Malta, is now welcoming applications proposing challenging, curious, and immersive experiences for the islands’ first art biennale.

The theme selected for this exhibition – white sea olive groves – invites participants and audiences alike to a visual festa, inspired by an island which has historically served as the cradle for a myriad of cultures. Shaped by this heritage, will provoke new narratives for the region, and within a wider context, will invite a rethink of global mindsets on art and society. is a joint collaboration between MUŻA, the National Community Art Museum, on behalf of Heritage Malta and Arts Council Malta, in full cooperation with the Ministry for Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Malta Tourism Authority. is now online:

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