As part of this year’s Friends of the Maritime Museum annual general meeting on the 7th of December at the Malta Maritime Museum, a lecture entitled: Guglielmo Lorenzi: a Corsair,  a Russian officer and a fallen patriot will be delivered by Heritage Malta curator Liam Gauci.

 “….at least accept my eager and strong will to sacrifice the rest of my life in defence of the faith and of this island which I hold as if it was my native country..” These are the words of Guglielmo Lorenzi who for nearly half a century lived in Malta and made it his base for corsairing operations. Liam Gauci will be charting the life of one of Malta’s forgotten patriots.

Agm friends of the Maritime MuseumShot alongside Dun Mikiel Xerri, Lorenzi’s was a life carved on the decks of Corsair ships. For decades the mere mention of his name would instil courage in his sailors or fear in his victims. At the height of his career, Lorenzi had the financial power to build and commission a 54 gun ship. He had the style and money to eat off silver plates and smoke his cigars out of amber cigar holders. His is a story that every history enthusiast in Malta should eavesdrop in on.

During his lecture about Lorenzi, Liam Gauci, will not only talk about Lorenzi the Corsair but also about Lorenzi the Patriot who gave his life for Malta in 1799 only to be forgotten by history.

The lecture will be held at the Malta Maritime Museum and will commence right after the AGM at about 10:15am. For more information one may call on 21809090 or follow the event on Heritage Malta’s official facebook page.

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