Heritage Malta is extending its opening hours for admission to the Domvs Romana, St Paul?s Catacombs, and the National Museum of Natural History, throughout the month of September. By opening these museums and sites after standard opening hours, Heritage Malta is increasing accessibility, to both local and foreign visitors, to some of the most important museums and sites in Malta.

The Domvs Romana houses fine examples of Roman statues of Emperor Claudius, his daughter Claudia Antonia, and what is believed to be an adolescent Nero. Such statues of the Emperor’s family where usually placed in public spaces and not within a household, as is the case with these examples. This suggests that those residing within this household derived from an important family. Within St Paul’s Catacombs one can find a relief with inscriptions depicting a set of surgical tools, a unique evidence found in Malta of the medical profession practiced during the Roman period. This could indicate that someone related to this profession was buried within the Catacombs. At the National Museum of Natural History, one can gain further insight on particular themes such as human evolution, insects, birds and habitats, and marine ecosystems.

Extended opening hours will start as from Tuesday 4th September, and will run throughout the month of September. The Domvs Romana, St Paul?s Catacombs, and the National Museum of Natural History, will also be open between 17.00hrs and 20.00hrs on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday and between 17.00hrs till 21.00hrs on Friday & Saturday.

Those visiting these sites in the evening will prevail from reduced admission fees of ?7 for adults, ?5.50 for senior citizens and students, and ?3.50 for children. Tickets provide admission to all three sites during the stipulated extended opening hours.

For further information, please visit www.heritagemalta.org or call Heritage Malta on 23754000.

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