100 years from the end of excavations at the Tarxien Temples, a Curator’s tour focusing on Tarxien Temples and Temi Zammit.

The legacy which Themistocles Zammit, also known as Temi Zammit, left in Maltese archaeology is best evident in the work that he conducted in the Tarxien Temples. Having already made his mark internationally in the medical field, the Tarxien Temples were the climax of his archaeological career.

Following 100 years from the end of Zammit’s excavations of the Tarxien Temples, on Sunday 8th March, Heritage Malta is inviting the public to join a curator’s tour of these prehistoric temples, wherein the history of the excavation will be recounted, together with how the site was discovered.

Since Zammit excavated this complex methodically, he succeeded to observe and discover things which had till then been unknown in Maltese Prehistory. His interpretations of what he found, and how he arrived at these conclusions will also be discussed.

Participants will have the opportunity to view some items related to Temi Zammit, including those in reference to his excavations of the Tarxien Temples.

The curator’s tour will be held at 10.00am in English. Coffee and tea will be served afterwards.

Price: €12 for adults and students. €6 for members and children.

Tickets can be purchased from Heritage Malta museums and sites, and ONLINE.

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