One can look at old pictures with simple nostalgia. Yet to the keen observer, aged images act as a portal to bygone moments which are rich with hidden details.

From this week, Heritage Malta will be sharing a selection of images that form part of a collection of about 350 photo negatives which were donated last year by Dr Peter J. Shield PhD, ARP to form part of the National Collection. These photos were shot by him in Malta during the late 1950s.

Dr Shield is an award-winning photographer, retired archaeologist, broadcaster and author. Among his various assignments, he worked for Associated Press, for the Maltese Government Information Department and for the Times of Malta under Mabel Strickland.

Heritage Malta has digitised these photos in order to reach a more extensive public. Besides being interesting for their subject matter, these photos may contain material which has not yet been studied and could therefore be of particular value to researchers.

The public is being encouraged to assist in the identification of locations, buildings, events and individuals showing in the photos by leaving their comments on any of the images showing in this link –

Anyone wishing to share or donate historical photos and personal narratives to help preserve the story of our nation is advised to contact Heritage Malta on

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