Sunrise always brings a new beginning and a deep sense of hope. The one which will end this year’s winter will be a sunrise like no other.

Since time immemorial, during this time of the year, a remarkable phenomenon takes place at the prehistoric Mnajdra Temples when the first rays of the sun project themselves through the South Temple’s main doorway to mark the Spring Equinox.

For many years, Heritage Malta has invited the public to witness this momentous sunrise taking place at this ancient site. However, this year, in view of the current COVID 19 pandemic, this event had to be cancelled.

Nevertheless, in line with its mission to facilitate access to the National Museums and sites which fall under its responsibility, on Friday, 20th March at 6.15am, Heritage Malta will be live streaming this exceptional phenomenon so that everyone can experience its magic from the comfort of their home. Since this is a natural event, its success will depend on good weather.

The live stream can be viewed on Heritage Malta’s Facebook Page where it will remain available for public consumption.

This is one of Heritage Malta’s initiatives to provide virtual access to the public following the temporary closure of its National Museums and sites as a protective measure against the Coronavirus disease.

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