This morning’s meeting and presentation at San Anton Palace, Attard

The proceeds from the sale of the first 40 replicas of Napoleon’s letter were presented by Heritage Malta to His Excellency the President of Malta, to be donated to the Malta Community Chest Fund.

Following the acquisition of this historic document last year, in November Heritage Malta came up with the idea to offer the public a unique opportunity to keep a part of our history in their homes whilst contributing to a just cause, by issuing a limited amount of replicas for sale – each individually numbered, and donating the profits to the Malta Community Chest Fund.

The original letter, which was exhibited free of charge at the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta till the end of November, documents the order given by Napoleon to his General Desaix to spearhead the invasion of Malta in 1798.

The front page of Napoleon’s replicated letter

As stated by Heritage Malta’s CEO Mr Noel Zammit, this initiative proved to be very successful in harnessing both the local and foreign public’s unrelenting interest in our islands’ rich history, and making good use of it.

Heritage Malta Chairperson Anthony Scicluna presenting the proceeds to H.E President George Vella

Liam Gauci, Principal Curator at the Malta Maritime Museum, showed the President some of Heritage Malta’s recent additions to its collection – a number of other contemporary letters documenting key exchanges between British Fleet Admiral Sir John Orde and Desaix, further consolidating the storyline and enriching the value of the letter in question.

Maritime Museum Principal Curator Liam Gauci exhibiting the recently acquired contemporary letters

The letter shall take its place as the centrepiece in the French period section at the Malta Maritime Museum in Birgu, once the extensive ongoing works are completed.

A limited number of replicas of Napoleon’s letter are still available for purchase online on and also at the National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta.

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Photo credits: OPR


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