This Valentine’s Day Heritage Malta has come up with an initiative based on our island’s rich cultural heritage.

Embracing CoupleThe National Museum of Archaeology in Valletta will be exhibiting the only Maltese prehistoric representation of an embracing couple up to the 22nd of February. This small, clay moulded artifact, dating to circa 3200 BC and excavated in Tarxien, clearly represents two people hugging with their faces very close to each other, possibly kissing. The hug is a universal and time defying expression of human love and affection; it may also express a sign of support and comfort. This artefact shows human emotions immortalized through artistic expression and proves that emotions are an integral part of human relationships, irrespective of the era one is living in.

Also for the occasion, Heritage Malta has issued a limited edition Valentine’s Card, depicting the embracing couple figurine selling at €3. Those interested may also purchase the card bundled up with a Perugina Valletta Scene chocolate bar for €5. The card and bundle are available from the National Museum of Archaeology, Valletta. One may also order the card by sending an e-mail on


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